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When is the last time you really paid attention to your sense of touch?

Not necessarily giving a big hug or receiving a fabulous massage; something more nuanced then that. Really tuning into your inner workings as well as what is going on around you. Simply paying attention to your body-mind-soul… just… BEING. Join me in a mediation which guides you through getting in-touch with your sense of touch.

Guided Meditation: Sense of Touch

Allow the following meditation to help tune into your tactile sense; a sense that turns pressure and temperature into meaning: touch. Review the following suggestions before getting started to ensure your comfort then access the audio meditation below.

  • Set aside 10 minutes
    • Try making a date with yourself in your calendar if you don’t have the time at this moment
  • Stage your environment
    • Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit where you will not be distracted
  • Check-in with yourself
    • Have paper and a pen or paper with you
    • Check in before the mediation: How do you feel now? Write it down.
    • Check in after the meditation: How do you feel now? Write it down.
    • What happened?

“Everything you need to know is right where you are.”

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