DIY Body Polishes (Sugar Scrubs)

What Is a Sugar Scrub? Sugar scrubs may be made of two simple ingredients: sugar and a nut/seed oil like sunflower oil. You may choose to “amp up” a scrub with botanical ingredients, including essential oils but you don’t need to in order to reap the benefits. Jump right to the Simple Sugar Scrub RecipeContinue reading “DIY Body Polishes (Sugar Scrubs)”

The Perfect Aromatherapy Bath

To Soak or Not to Soak? That is the Question… As a teenager, one of my favorite Friday night activities was not going out with friends or classmates, it was having a luxurious bath-soak followed by watching an old movie on Turner Classic Movies or AMC. Into my early 20’s I would find solace inContinue reading “The Perfect Aromatherapy Bath”

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