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NYC Aromatica is a resource for Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Education, Personal Aromatherapy Sessions and Business Consulting. Learn more about aromatic plants, their essential oils and how to work with them through articles, videos and class-based formats.

Settle in with Angelica Root. A plant often associated with liquors and digestion, Angelica and its root is a connector of the gut brain to the “big” brain. Its volatile oil is stabilizing, helps you settle in, take up space with your body & materialize thoughts into action. Its energy is that of nourishing stability that welcomes you home to yourself.

Lavender, lavender how do you grow? Lavender, Lavenders, so many to know! This video-based class takes you outside to learn about the many different Lavenders and their personalities. From Lavandin, Spike, to “True” to Maritime Lavender, there are subtle differences to know about these plants and their therapeutic essential oils that can enhance your practice.

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Choose from many FREE and pay-what-you-wish classes! From Chakras to Diffusing Essential Oils there are many topics to explore.

A custom product is made for you to fit your needs.

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From bespoke aromatherapy sessions to corporate custom blending NYC Aromatica offers a diverse portfolio of services.

This is fresh Clary sage being prepared for distillation. Learn more about Clary Sage in a Plant Talk episode.

Plant Talk

A video-based series that takes you to aromatic plants & the distillation room! Look forward to blending ideas, poetry & more!

Handmade Cream

Blog: Essential Aromatherapy

Are you wondering about dilution rates, how to make a salve or need recipe ideas? Maybe you’re looking for an in-depth article on an aromatic plants. Visit the blog to get started!

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Essential Aromatica Podcast

Essential Aromatica, hosted by Amy, is a nature-inspired podcast focused on the practicality and accessibility of Aromatherapy. Look for special guests and episodes highlighting lunar themes!

Irreverent Aromatherapy Podcast

Tune-in for aromatic banter with Drip (Bekki of Blue Marble Botanicals) and Drop (Amy of NYC Aromatica). Topics focus on the aromatherapy & essential oil business & industry.


Learn more about the amazing plants that give us their beautiful essential oils and how to incorporate those oils into your life.

From articles about specific plants to how to make your own salves or clay hair wash, the blog has many articles for inspiration!

  • Angelica Root Essential Oil
    Have you met Angelica root and its gorgeously stabilizing and protective essential oil? There is much to share with you about this Angelic connector of “Light and Dark”. Continue reading for plant highlights, key therapeutics and personality of Angelica Root essential oil and aromatherapy blending ideas.

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