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NYC Aromatica offers practical ways to learn about essential oils, whether that is incorporating them into your personal life, your business or beyond!

There are many ways to explore & learn the seemingly ephemeral but concretely intense world of Aromatic Plants and their volatile oils: NYC Aromatica is your guide.

Classes & Salons

From Chakras to Diffusing Essential Oils there are many topics to explore. Look forward to more FREE and affordable short-form classes!

A custom product is made for you to fit your needs.

Sessions & Consultations

From personal aromatherapy sessions to corporate custom blending NYC Aromatica offers a diverse portfolio of services.

This is fresh Clary sage being prepared for distillation. Learn more about Clary Sage in a Plant Talk episode.

Plant Talk

This video-based series brings you directly to aromatic plants & the distillation room! Look forward to blending ideas, poetry & more!

Blog: Essential Aromatherapy

Are you wondering about dilution rates, how to make a salve or need recipe ideas? Maybe you’re looking for an in-depth article on an aromatic plant and seasonal inspiration? Visit the blog’s main page to get started!

Podcast: Essential Aromatica

Essential Aromatica, hosted by Amy, is a show rooted in making Aromatherapy practical and accessible. It incorporates inspiration from nature, cooking and naturally, aromatic plants! Tune-in bi-weekly and look for special guests!

Podcast: Irreverent Aromatherapy

Tune-in for weekly banter with Drip (Bekki of Blue Marble Botanicals) and Drop (Amy of NYC Aromatica). Topics range from the aromatherapy business, “smell training”, unicorn body butter and much more.


The perfect bath doesn’t take much effort yet offers many benefits.

This class explores the science of baths and safely incorporating essential oils into the bath by making your own bath fizzies (aka “bath bombs”).


Learn more about the amazing plants that give us their beautiful essential oils and how to incorporate those oils into your life.

From articles about specific plants to how to make your own salves or clay hair wash, the blog has many articles for inspiration!

  • Plant Talk: Juniper Berry
    What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Juniper Berry”? Maybe it’s “gin” or “cleansing” or even something like “wisdom”. This article features Juniperus communis, the most wide-spread conifer of the northern hemisphere whose plethora of berries may instill us with gifts of clarity, patience, wisdom & more. Continue reading for plant highlights, therapeutics and personality of the essential oil and aromatherapy blending ideas.


New Moons offer monthly opportunities for setting intentions and new beginnings.

The FREE Salon offers reflections on lunar-themes and guided meditations inspired by an essential oil that resonates with each moon (month).

April’s moon-time focuses on the “Growing Grass Moon,” the aromatic Lemongrass & Palmarosa and themes of Cleansing with Confidence and Discernment to encourage growth.

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