Essential Aromatica: A Podcast Pondering the World of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is much more than “essential oils,” it is an experience. One that connects you with nature no matter where you are; one that inherently connects mind and body. Are you ready to tap into your chemical sense of smell and the chemistry of plants? Tune in and join Amy Anthony to question and explore the world of Aromatic plants and their preciously concentrated essential oils.

Spotlight on Aromatherapy with Clare Licher of PhiBee Aromatics Essential Aromatica

Join Clare Licher of PhiBee Aromatics to revel in the passion, practice, expertise and distillation-know-how of native plants of the Southwestern United States. This episode is a deep reminder of the time, patience and great care it takes to wild harvest and distill plants, and how this expansive practice is a continual reminder how "plants make the world bigger than us", much bigger.   Look forward to hearing Clare expound upon the following topics during this episode: The implications and responsibility of legally wildcrafting plant material. Appreciating a plant and its oil for who and what it is Going beyond "liking" and disliking a plant based on its inherent aromas (listen to Clare's experiences with Arizona Juniper!!!! Wow!) The dedication to time, and practice it takes, to get to know a plant and the distillation process. The power of sharing distillation techniques across borders, highlighting Clare's work in Iceland and continued work with organizations in Haiti/ Teaching and supporting people helps improve quality of life and humble us knowing that working with plant medicine show how the world is so much bigger than an individual/us.  Honing your skills: The importance of taking distillation notes and aging essential oils We hope you walk away from this episode feeling elevated, revived, elucidated, and dare I suggest, humbled. The plants are indeed our teachers, and we are forever students.  Find more about PhiBee Aromatics at phibeearomatics.com and find them on Facebook as @phibeearomatics.
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