Essential Aromatica: A Podcast Pondering the World of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is much more than “essential oils,” it is an experience. One that connects you with nature no matter where you are; one that inherently connects mind and body. Are you ready to tap into your chemical sense of smell and the chemistry of plants? Tune in and join Amy Anthony to question and explore the world of Aromatic plants and their preciously concentrated essential oils.

Saffron on the Lower East Side Essential Aromatica

What do Saffron, "Sunset Cocktails", Saint George's Common Table and P&T Knitwear have in common and anything to do with aromatherapy? A lot! This episode highlights community connection with threads of the ephemeral & aromatic Saffron weaving things together. Saffron, one of the worlds priciest aromatic spices is incredibly water soluble and not a common botanical hanging out in an aromatherapists bag of tricks…or so one might think.  Join me during this episode recorded at P&T Knitwear's community podcast studio for inspiration sourced from community, abundance and sharing…and to learn more about Saffron! I didn't know what this episode was going to be about until yesterday, when this ephemerally aromatic botanical helped me knit (Pun intended!) experiences over the past few weeks together.   Thank you for listening to Essential Aromatica; wishing you abundance and many joys punctuated by therapeutic aromatic experiences. Ciao for now!
  1. Saffron on the Lower East Side
  2. Spotlight on Aromatherapy with Clare Licher of PhiBee Aromatics
  3. Spotlight on Aromatherapy with Krishana Chaitanya of Nisarga Farms
  4. Finding Alchemical Gold
  5. Attunement, Attention and Black Bean Soup "Better Than I'd Get in Cuba"!
  6. Spotlight on Aromatherapy in Practice with Carolyn Jones of The Healing Project
  7. Spotlight on Aromatherapy in Practice with Aaron Theno of Bioesse Technologies and Breatherapy
  8. Finding Awe in Liminality and Root Medicine
  9. Spotlight on Aromatherapy in Practice with Judith Guerra: Embracing Vitality and Curiosity
  10. Aromatherapy in Practice with Jirbie Go: From Aroma "Novice" to Country Representative
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