Essential Aromatica: A Podcast Pondering the World of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is much more than “essential oils,” it is an experience. One that connects you with nature no matter where you are; one that inherently connects mind and body. Are you ready to tap into your chemical sense of smell and the chemistry of plants? Tune in and join Amy Anthony to question and explore the world of Aromatic plants and their preciously concentrated essences.

No, There's Not "An Oil for That." Essential Aromatica

Happy April Fools! But there is no fooling around about the touchy subject of "there's and oil for that"! Join me as I scratch the surface of pondering the limitations of essential oils, where they do in fact shine and how essential oils and "consumption" don't go together very well. Tied into the aforementioned topic is soup making and the heart-breaking essential oil of the Neroli flower. 
  1. No, There's Not "An Oil for That."
  2. Therapeutic Aromas and Oils that are Essential?!
  3. Luna Aroma: Sensuality & Spring
  4. Accessible Aromatherapy
  5. Welcome to Essential Aromatica
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