About NYC Aromatica

I am registered as a professional aromatherapist with NAHA and the AIA and continually seek continuing education opportunities.

Greetings and salutations! This seems to be the place to officially introduce myself. My name is Amy Anthony. The coincidental alliteration of Aromatherapist, Amy Anthony is not lost on me…

I had a passion for plants as a child and continued to seek out nature as much as possible when moving to NYC in 1999 (e.g., hello Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and planters on my fire escape!). After a fulfilling career in market research, I decided to pursue what is closest to my heart: working with plants.

In 2012 I became fascinated with and interested in pursuing an education in Aromatherapy. After a few years of self-study I sought certification. Luckily, I lived close to the New York Institute of Aromatherapy (NYIOA). Upon earning Level 1 and Level 2 Aromatherapy certifications from the NYIOA in 2015 and 2016, respectively, I opened an in-home practice.

I am honored to share that I taught workshops and certification classes at the NYIOA and NY Institute of Aromatic Studies from 2015 to May of 2020. It’s also exciting to share that I not only teach classes at the New York Botanical Gardens and other wonderful places like the Museum of Sex & JASA and other institutions but also consult with houses like IFF and private equity firms. Words cannot express how much I LOVE sharing this information and interacting with the amazing people I met through the years!

In 2017 I studied herbalism under the brilliant and hilarious Michigan-based jim mcdonald. To-date I pursue knowledge and a relationship with plants through the Western Herbalist tradition and consider this a lifetime journey.

Distilling. Ah….yes. You may often find me distilling aromatic and non-aromatic plants in my garage for use in my own practice and for other herbalists and local farms.

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