Plant Talk: A Guide to Essential Oils

Welcome to the Garden! Plant Talk is a special guide to essential oils. Each episode focuses on one aromatic plant and its essential oil along with its preferred growing conditions and unique personality. Understanding a plant’s personality helps understand its therapeutic applications and healing affinities. Look forward to learning essential oil blending tips and ideas.

All of these videos are done in one-filming, often impromptu and take place in or near my gardens and garage. Look forward to learning gardening and distillation tips! Ancient myths and poetry often find their way into an episode!

Angelica Root: Settling In

A plant often associated with liquors and digestion, Angelica and its root is a connector of the gut brain to the “big” brain. Its volatile oil is stabilizing, helps you settle in, take up space with your body & materialize thoughts into action. Its energy is that of nourishing stability that welcomes you home to yourself.

Genovese Basil: Diabolical Nobility

A royal herb to some, a symbol of destruction for others. Basil’s floral, stimulating and feisty molecules have been seducing many for centuries! Spend some time with me during this spur-of-the-moment “Plant Talk” as some beautiful, organic Genovese basil (a variety of Sweet Basil) is in the cooper still. Learn more about Basil’s stimulating & dispelling qualities in my related Plant Talk article.

German Chamomile: Convivial Sunshine

Ah, Chamomile! This is the first of the “Plant Talk” videos, which is fitting given Chamomile’s expressive nature. Although gentle, it soothes many upsets and opens channels for communication. With an affinity for the solar plexus, it helps digest experiences and nurture self-worth and personal power. (Here’s an article about German Chamomile.)

Clary Sage: Sensual Euphoria

Spending time with Clary Sage encourages relaxation and dares to bring out the passion and “joie de vivre” in all of us. Join me musing over the plant, finding inspiration in one of Emily Dickinson’s poems and reveling in a few essential oils to blend with the euphoric plant. You’ll even see a mishap with the condenser!

Goldenrod: Innocence of Wholeness

Goldenrod, “to make whole,” is much more than a later summer weed. Its message is of slowing down and reveling in the present moment as the insects do while dining on late-season nectar. Join Goldenrod and me as we revel in the hazy-lazy beauty of this magic botanical, sing its song and read a poem worthy of this fabulous plant.

Helichrysum: Sun Gold

Immortelle Beloved. Sun Gold. Whatever you call the plant, the virtues of Helichrysum are many though it shines for helping with emotional and tissue trauma. As a plant symbolizing immortality it heals tissues and holds you; its presence letting you know you can process all of the gunk and that you are ok– you’ve got this.

Spanish Lavender: Ruggedly Unapologetic

Lavandula stoechas, an ancient maritime plant, embodies the mantra of “I’m okay with who I am.” From clearing up mucky situations, whether in in the head and lungs to the mind, it cuts through nonsense while helping to ground and stabilize both mind and body. Read more about this maritime-loving plant after watching the video.

True Lavender: Calm, Cool, Collected

Lavandula angustifolia goes by many names such as True Lavender and Female Lavender. It is a low growing plant that thrives in higher altitudes and lean soil. It yields much less oil than Lavandin and Spike Lavender, but this doesn’t mean either plant is better or worse than the other. This is an expression of the plant in relation to environments it evolved in. Join me in the garden on and on the front porch to discuss cultivating Lavender in your garden, Lavender’s “all-purpose” healing virtues such as cooling heat and overall regulating. Of course, there is time at the end for sharing Lavender poems.

Are you looking for more information on the various Lavenders of Aromatherapy? The Enchanting World of Lavenders is a deep-dive class on True Lavender, Lavandin, Spike Lavender, Spanish Lavender and more!

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    The Enchanting World of Lavenders

Myrrh: Internal Excavating

Myrrh’s bitter, brittle resin has assisted us for centuries to assist with life’s transitions, opening doorways to our individual mysteries and processing things we may have tucked away. With deeply yin qualities, Myrrh subtly fortifies the heart and stabilizes the mind. This Plant Talk features 3 poems and touches on the “end of things.” (Here’s an article about MyrrhPlant Talk: Myrrh and its beautiful resin.)

Patchouli: Sensual Chill

Patchouli is an invitation to slow down. It is a nudge to embrace the last, sensual days of mid-Autumn. It helps us settle “into the hips” and revel in the goodness and ease of life. The plant’s effect is almost one that slows down time, creates pauses and removes unnecessary urgency.

Rosemary: For Lusty Remembrance

Trimming back rosemary plants presented an opportunity to put the cuttings into the still to obtain a bit of hydrosol! This particular rosemary had a divine smokiness I was not expecting among the usual “lusty and liveliness” the plant is known for! [Note: the sound comes on at 0’30”]

Santolina: Coming Home

Spend a few minutes with the Santolinas! These plants are not well-known in general aromatherapy but they are amazing allies to have in any Mediterranean-inspired garden. Gray Santolina’s aromatics and the plant itself are about coming home and love. Intrigued? Tune in for more.

Spearmint: Water Women

The cooling but potent nature of Spearmint belies its quiet-watery-yin qualities. Although this plant is not as “popular” in aromatherapy it certainly holds its seat and is worthy of space in any garden or apothecary. Join Mentha spicata and me in the shade as we muse about the plant’s virtues, Grecian myths, poetry and more.

Sweet Fern: Quieting Clarity

This native plant is someone I’ve been slowly getting to know over the years. One of several aromatics native to North America it is long respected by indigenous peoples where it grows. I find the plant to be lymphatic, quieting and clarifying to the mind. The energy drains down from the head and neck. Look forward to further video updates and a Plant Talk Profile as more exploration is ahead!

Yarrow: The Wounded Healer

A plant known to heal and protect, Yarrow dates back to beyond Ancient Greece and across several cultures through time. Although it has an affinity to “work with blood” and heal wounds its personality has so much more to say. Although it is often considered a weed by some, as many medicinal herbs are, Yarrow is not only a fighter but a plant filled with joy and laughter.

Yuzu: Reserved Sophistication

Citrus fruits represent abundance and joy, even exuberance! This plant talk focuses on one of the lesser known beauties of aromatherapy: the Yuzu tree which is mostly grown in Japan for its bright, clean oil. This episode touches on photosensitivity of citrus oils, features 2 poems and more!