The Enchanting World of Lavenders


Lavender! It is the aromatic plant and its essential oil that started modern aromatherapy. Amy Anthony brings you to her Long Island garden and shares the lavender plants’ history in their natural environment. Beautifully filmed, this video-based class includes a captivating PowerPoint full of colorful graphics and thought-provoking information. Want a preview? Click here to view the welcome page of the class!


Lavender, loved for its soothing smell and lovely color, has so much more to offer–lavender and its essential oil are a core reason we have modern aromatherapy today. In the late 19th century, René-Maurice Gattefossé, a French chemist and perfumer, applied lavender oil to a chemical burn and saw amazing therapeutic results. Lavender is the perfect place to begin the journey into aromatherapy education.

Join Amy, as she leaves the classroom and brings you into her serene Long Island garden to learn alongside many lavender plants. You will discover each lavender species’ varied and wondrous properties. Also, you will learn how lavender blends well with other essential oil-bearing plants, such as chamomile. Amy breaks down complex ideas into small digestible pieces with her relaxed and engaging style. Links to over a dozen episodes of Plant Talk, Amy’s video series, are included. Amy connects literature and geography to her study of plants in this thoughtful extension of The Lavenders course. This class is packed with useful information presented in a beautiful setting.

Once you sign up for the class you have access to 3 hours of video to watch at your own pace and come back to at any time. You’ll also have access to a Power Point file which includes key points covered in the class. Want a preview? Click here to view the welcome page of the class!

Note: The class is non-refundable.