An Aromatic Meditation: Attunement

Incense sends messages up to the skies

Over the years I have looked for different ways to help people tap into the power of plants, specifically aromatic plants and their essential oils. I learned from great teachers who wisely passed on how the most effective way to understand a plant, or an oil, and its “actions” is to sit with it. “Smell the  oil!” It is true and it helps to have tools to help do this.

Enter in Attunement

In herbalism, many people call the process of getting to know a plant “attunement.” Literally tuning-in to the plant by ingesting the herb and seeing what happens or even just sitting with it when it is growing, before it is taken to be prepared for food or medicine. Attunement is a meditation: “tuning in” to your mind/body/spirit’s interaction with the herb through your senses. This is often done by slowly sipping on an infusion (i.e., “tea”) over a period of 10 minutes or more and noticing what is happening to your body. Always remember: plants have information that our bodies recognize.

Attunement is also a way to understand an essential oil: just by smelling.

Over the years I’ve written several meditations to help students and clients connect with essential oils. As you may surmise, these meditations can be applied to myriad things beyond essential oils; the general idea may help you “tune-in” to anything.

Life is experienced through living: tuning into the information around you. From smelling, tasting to even noticing HOW you are interacting with another human being and how you are affected.

Are you ready to engage your whole being through your sense of smell?

Listen to the below guided meditation with an essential oil you are looking to tap into or even the actual plant part if you do not have immediate access to an essential oil (e.g., if you don’t have ginger essential oil, work with a fresh slice of ginger).

  • First: Set aside 10 minutes
    • I suggest making a date with yourself in your calendar!
  • Second: Stage your environment.
    • Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit so you are not distracted by anyone else nor other smells, sounds or sights.
  • Third: Have the following materials ready:
    • The essential oil of your choice OR a piece of aromatic plant material the essential oil comes from like a sprig of lavender or a slice of fresh ginger root if you do not have an essential oil to sit with.
    • A blotter strip (pictured below), cotton swab or cotton round to place a drop of the essential oil.
    • A note pad and writing instrument in case you want to write down your experience as it happens.

Once done. Take time to notice how you feel after the meditation and contrast that with what you felt like before. What happened?

Guided Meditation on the Sense of Smell

Thank you for taking the time to connect. Be well.

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