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Being inspired by nature & creating simple self-care products is the foundation of NYC Aromatica’s blog. I believe that genuine aromatherapy is rooted in loving and caring for the earth.

Writing Inspired by Nature

  • Plant Talk with Laurel Essential Oil

    Plant Talk with Laurel Essential Oil

    Can you remember your first encounter with a specific plant and its essential oil? Laurel is one I still feel in my bones. To this day the same sensation arises each time I am with essential oil of Laurus nobilis. It helps me release the ideas of “should” and “could.” It gives me a gap,…


  • Angelica Root Essential Oil

    Angelica Root Essential Oil

    Have you met Angelica root and its gorgeously stabilizing and protective essential oil? There is much to share with you about this Angelic connector of “Light and Dark”. Continue reading for plant highlights, key therapeutics and personality of Angelica Root essential oil and aromatherapy blending ideas.


  • Goldenrod Essential Oil

    Goldenrod Essential Oil

    Goldenrod, often considered a roadside weed, offers many healing properties. It is a familiar face in North America’s late-summer landscape and one of the continent’s humble yet potent aromatic plants. If Goldenrod is an aromatic plant, does that mean it creates essential oil? Absolutely! Continue reading for plant highlights, key therapeutics and personality of Goldenrod…


  • Make Your Own Lotion Bars

    Make Your Own Lotion Bars

    Easy to Make Skin Softening Body Bars Lotion bars, Body bars, and what I like to call Butter Bars, are […]


  • Glossy Vegan Lip Balm

    Glossy Vegan Lip Balm

    Protected, Soft and Glossy Lips Are you looking for a vegan lip balm formula that goes beyond the classic Coconut, […]


  • Carrot Seed Essential Oil

    Carrot Seed Essential Oil

    Plant Talk: Carrot Seed Essential Oil How many times have you seen Daucus carota var. carota along roadsides and thought […]