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Being inspired by nature & creating simple self-care products is the foundation of NYC Aromatica’s blog. I believe that genuine aromatherapy is rooted in loving and caring for the earth.

Writing Inspired by Nature

  • Plant Talk with Sweet Fern

    Plant Talk with Sweet Fern

    Discover the Sweetness of Sweet Fern! Sweet Fern is an aromatic plant endemic to North America offering many virtues, such as soil ecology enrichment and stabilization. Within traditional medicine and modern aromatherapy its essential oil, rich in terpenes such as β-Caryophyllene, has calming, warming, and clearing qualities that may be experienced through inhalation or topical…


  • Saro Essential Oil

    Saro Essential Oil

    There’s much more to the aromatic world and essential oils than Eucalyptus and Tea tree, no matter how lovely those plants of Australia are. Earth’s varying and vast regions host an array of plants, including aromatic plants, who have grown and evolved to suit those locations. Plants are a direct expression of “sense-of-place,” a reflection…


  • Vetiver Essential Oil

    Vetiver Essential Oil

    Oh Vetiver! There is so much to appreciate about you and the essential oil obtained from your gorgeously long roots. Not only are you one of the few root oils of aromatherapy, but you also have cooling qualities that are nearly unparalleled and invite a calm that is different from any other calm. Sure, you…


  • Learn About Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil

    Learn About Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil

    Do you know Sweet Marjoram is related to Oregano and just as powerful in its own right, with its own characteristics that set it apart? I like to think of Sweet Marjoram as the yin to Oregano’s yang. This aromatic plant talk profile takes you from the gentle sun loving plant to its softly powerful…


  • A Poem for Queen Anne’s Lace

    A Poem for Queen Anne’s Lace

    Welcome to musings and a poem inspired by the virtues of Queen Anne’s Lace and Carrot seed essential oil. Both […]


  • Plant Talk with Cistus Essential Oil

    Plant Talk with Cistus Essential Oil

    Welcome to the land of Cistus ladaniferus, a place to learn from the short, sticky, resilient shrub that graces hot and arid locations such as Spain and Portugal. Known since ancient times, Cistus invites you to a space of healing and contemplation. Also known as Rock Rose, this plant has a lot more to share…