The Lavenders

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Welcome to the vast world of Lavender! Lavandula angustifolia has many virtues and may present itself very differently depending on where it grows. The same goes for every plant!

This class is an opportunity to get to know Lavandula angustifolia, other virtuous Lavenders and other aromatic lavender-like botanicals along with the Chamomiles that pair so nicely with Lavenders. Ready to join me in the garden? Access the below lessons to get started!

The Lavenders

Be sure to access the printed course material under the “Lesson Media” section in the first module (“Introduction & About Lavandula”) before accessing the video content.


Introduction and About "Lavandula" Lavandula angustifolia Lavandula latifolia Lavandula x intermedia Lavandula stoechas Other "Lavenders" and "The Chamomiles"