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Diffusing Essential Oils

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Diffusing Essential Oils is a class highlighting the many benefits of incorporating Essential Oils into your life, safely. In this class, Amy talks about the importance of intentions and mindfulness around diffusing, as well as the many delivery methods there are for delivering Essential Oils to the mind-body-spirit.  The beautifully designed PowerPoint guides you through the class with information on intentions, the science behind diffusing, delivery systems of diffusion, and guidelines for safe practices.  Specifically, Amy outlines risk management for diffusing Essential Oils during pregnancy, infancy, and early childhood, while also talking about diffusing around pets.  Another important thing is the importance of fresh air and using the ‘least amount possible.’  The Diffusing Essential Oils class is full of information you can immediately implement to enhance your wellbeing.

Highlighting Best Practices & Sharing Guidelines

This short class is not intended to “hit you over the head” with sentiments like “NEVER DIFFUSE ESSENTIAL OILS.” Statements like that are a dis-service to the practice and many benefits of aromatherapy, including benefits through diffusion! The intention of this class is to ponder why to diffuse essential oils, what happens when you diffuse essential oils, what the different diffusion methods are, best practices and more.

Guidelines for Diffusion Aromatherapy

Diffusion and Essential Oils go “hand-in-hand,” and guidelines such as intention setting, and safety concerns are crucial. Review the course lesson video and access the documents associated with the course.


Course Lesson: Diffusing Essential Oils
Diffusing essential oils