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Dispelling “Diffusion Confusion”

Hello and welcome to a class focused on safely and responsibly diffusing essential oils! The goal of this class is to dispel what may be considered nebulous information on the topic of diffusing essential oils, address the prevalence of diffusers on the market and what may be considered as an “aromatherapy lifestyle” being touted by “the industry.” Another goal is addressing the topic of adverse effects experienced from diffusing essential oils from myself and other educators along with adverse accounts shared by students, clients and even accounts from conversations with strangers.

This short class is not going to “hit you over the head” with sentiments like “NEVER DIFFUSE ESSENTIAL OILS.” Statements like that are a dis-service to the practice and many benefits of aromatherapy, including benefits through diffusion! The intention of this class is to ponder why to diffuse essential oils, what happens when you diffuse essential oils, what the different diffusion methods are, best practices and more.

Diffusion Ponderings

Although this is a short-form class (1 hour video) please take your time! Pause the video, get some essential oils and some of the accessories out and have fun exploring!

DON’T FEEL YOU NEED TO GO AND BUY ALL OF THE ACCESSORIES! Aromatherapy can be beautifully simple: from accessing the volatile oils direct from the bottle via inhalation or adding a few drops to a simple stone diffuser. Find what fits your needs and supports your intention! Use the information in the video and associated PowerPoint and “Quick Guide” to help decide what is right for you.

Guidelines for Diffusion Aromatherapy

Diffusion and Essential Oils go “hand-in-hand,” and guidelines such as intention setting, and safety concerns are crucial. Review the course lesson video and access the documents associated with the course.


Course Lesson: Diffusing Essential Oils
Diffusing essential oils