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Welcome to a how-to class on creating and working with herbal infused oils for nourishing the skin! Herbal oils may be used “straight” or incorporated into many care products such as salves, lotions, creams, butters, lip balms body oils and more! They are a must for your apothecary and offer ease and affordability!

This video-based class covers the basics of herbal infused oils. Look forward to:

  • Learning about the versatility, ease & benefits of making & incorporating herbal macerations into your apothecary.
  • Reviewing common fixed oils and herbs for creating your own macerations (for topical applications)
  • Creating an herbal infused oil
  • Straining & bottling an herbal infused oil

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Calendula flowers in Sunflower Oil

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Course Lesson: Herbal Infused Oils