Making The “Perfect” Sugar Scrub

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A Scrub by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet

Yes, it’s true. I couldn’t resist throwing a Shakespearian reference into the title here. The point is that we’re focusing on sugar: how sweet! Sugar provides many benefits to skin care, including supporting our “acid mantle” and helping remove dead skin. This video-based class offers several ideas on crafting your own sugar scrubs with several ingredients, including essential oils based on safe formulation principles.

If you want to combine the quote from Shakespeare (“A rose by any other name…”) into your scrub, add rose powder, like I do in the class!

Access the Following Materials to Get Started:

  • “The Perfect Sugar Scrub with NYC Aromatica” file accessible up-top under “Course Media”
  • The course videos (below)

Video: All You Need to Know About Sugar Scrubs

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to access this class. Get in-touch if you have questions about the video content. Thank you again and have fun making your own “perfect scrub”!



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