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Making The Perfect Sugar Scrub

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A Scrub by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet. Indeed: Why? We’re focusing on sugar in this class! How sweet! Sugar provides many benefits to skin care, including supporting our “acid mantle” and helping to remove dead skin. When you complete this class, you can create your own recipe for the perfect sugar scrub based on a step-by-step demonstration and blending inspirations provided by Amy.

This engaging, video-based class offers several ideas for creating sugar scrubs, including how to keep your ingredients accessible and affordable. Additionally, Amy provides creative ideas for exchanging ingredients and essential oils. So go ahead and get creative! “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!” Integrate the Shakespearian quote into your scrubs by adding rose powder like the one made during the demonstration!

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Course Lesson: Sugar Scrubs
A simple luxury: Sugar & Oil