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Exploring Aromatherapy Spritzers

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This class explores the many ways an aromatherapy spritzer may be approached. I can’t stress enough how the versatility of the method (i.e., spritzer) is heavily influenced by Intention, Dilution rates and Solubility.

Oil and water don’t mix. Is that such a big deal? Not when aromatherapy spritzers are crafted with intention and clear usage instructions are provided. Look forward to learning the following topics during this 60-minute video-based class:

  • Defining aromatherapy “spritzers”
  • How intention defines application
  • Dilution rates and best practices
  • Base ingredients
  • Highlights on Ethanol and solubolizers (e.g., Polysorbate 20)
  • Solubility, Turbidity and Hydrogen bonding
  • Thoughts on preservatives
  • Essential oil blending ideas
  • Tips and hints!
  • Bonus Demonstration: making a Toilet Bowl Spray!

Get out your essential oils, beakers and bottles and let’s have fun talking Chemistry! Click on the lesson below to access the content. See you inside the class!

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Course Lesson: Aromatic Spritzers