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Essential oils have amazing, seemingly magical, properties. A shining example is their overall antibacterial nature. Yet some essential oils excel more than others when it comes to working with microbes at a macro, “broad spectrum” level.

But…essential oils are highly concentrated and costly to buy! Consider the energy plants take to make their essences, and people to tend to, harvest and distill those lovely plants. Mindfully pairing essential oils with pantry staples may enhance your cleaning routine, opening a world of ease and simplicity!

Look forward to the following topics covered during this video-based class:
• Why aromatic plants create essences
• Defining “clean” in relation to aromas and memory
• Cleaning & sanitizing
• Factors like pH level and water hardness
• Benefits of key kitchen pantry essentials
• Why essential oils work for disinfecting
• Select essential oils for disinfecting
• Formulating ideas & suggestions

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Course Lesson: Aromatic Cleaning
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