Achieving Wellness Through Detox, Intention, and Aromatherapy

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We hear people talk about Detoxing, but what IS Detoxing, really? Join me and my friend and colleague Carolyn Jones of the Healing Project ( as we focus on the root of all detoxing–our thoughts and intentions. Which essential oil products best support detoxing? How does aromatherapy help us manage the messiness of our beautiful realities?

Amy and Carolyn engage in a round table showcase, working with essential oils and other modalities to support our “body budget” to enhance our “core and spark.”

We acknowledge that we work with what we have, and tools like aromatherapy help us along. We are in control of our responses (mindset) and choices, such as sleep hygiene and other factors affecting our body budget; come learn how aromatherapy supplements our efforts.

Course Lesson: Detoxing the Brain
(Photo credit Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas)