Shells: A Haiku & Ruminations

Many things may be found along Earth’s shorelines, where rocks and sand meet the rolling waters edge. Shells, rocks, washed up garbage. All sorts of detritus. Shells. I don’t think of them as detritus. More like mysterious beauties shrouded in juxtapositions: seemingly solid yet often easily crushed. Hard minerals yet ephemeral. Light in weight butContinue reading “Shells: A Haiku & Ruminations”

Broken Bits of Joy: A Haiku

It can be easy finding moments of clarity and joy. Not in big, expensive things but in small broken things: wabi sabi. This joy is not euphoria, but a brightness that brings a calm evenness. Little things that stay with you and help keep you going. Like seeing a hawk soar, collecting beach glass orContinue reading “Broken Bits of Joy: A Haiku”

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