Category: Poetry

  • A Poem for Queen Anne’s Lace

    A Poem for Queen Anne’s Lace

    Welcome to musings and a poem inspired by the virtues of Queen Anne’s Lace and Carrot seed essential oil. Both […]


  • Aromatherapy For Transformation

    Aromatherapy For Transformation

    Change. There are times it comes with warning. Other times with a sudden breathless strike. Regardless, how do we cope with the aftermath? Symbols may help us articulate and see. Tools such as Aromatherapy may help us manage how we cope with change and associated stress. This article explores these themes and offers aromatherapy blending…


  • A Haiku: Laughing With Yarrow

    A Haiku: Laughing With Yarrow

    Yarrow, the plant of “thousands of leaves” may bring an element of healing and protection to your life. This post includes an aromatherapy blend for a mood mist.


  • Your Other | Wild Side

    Your Other | Wild Side

    How does Jungian shadow work (your wild side) intersect with a poem mentioning Basil, Rue and Teasel? This aromatic meditation contemplates this question and includes an essential oil blend to help bring out your wild side.


  • Shells: A Haiku & Ruminations

    Many things may be found along Earth’s shorelines, where rocks and sand meet the rolling waters edge. Shells, rocks, washed […]


  • Broken Bits of Joy: A Haiku

    Broken Bits of Joy: A Haiku

    It can be easy finding moments of clarity and joy. Not in big, expensive things but in small broken things: […]