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  • Gloriously Aromatic Herbal Teas

    Gloriously Aromatic Herbal Teas

    Let’s get right to it. We know we need to stay hydrated, and THE best way is through drinking water […]


  • Finding Alchemical Gold

    Finding Alchemical Gold

    Alchemy is often referenced when discussing the Arts of Distillation, Herbalism and Aromatherapy. All of these practices involve practical transformation such as tincture making and distillation. They also embody the axiom that energy is neither created nor destroyed, where energy may be transmuted on practical (physical), conceptual and spiritual levels. This energy ebbs and flows through, and is, the Universe. Some seek mastery of one or more of these and other Arts to connect with the Divine. Is the Divine within or outside the self? Found through mastering an Art? Does it lurk in processes or mind-sets? This essay explores these questions through the lens of transformative Arts such as Alchemy.


  • Distillation: Dancing with Plants and Water

    Distillation: Dancing with Plants and Water

    The Poetically Elemental Essence of Distillation Working with aromatic plants and their distilled essences is poetry. We are in-touch with […]


  • Hecate: Illuminating Transition and Darkness

    Hecate: Illuminating Transition and Darkness

    Darkness and illumination. These words resonate with the Autumnal Equinox. That time of year when nights slowly become longer, plants shed their leaves and energy goes down to the roots. This time is also under the auspice of the Hecate archetype, which has fascinated me for years. I finally took time to understand what this figure represents and I invite you to join me as I explore Illumination, Darkness, Hecate and two plants that embody some of her messages.


  • Myth of the Emotional Brain

    Myth of the Emotional Brain

    You Are Not Your Emotions Emotions seem to be some sort of mystical trickery don’t they? They make the heart […]


  • Root Chakra Rituals

    Root Chakra Rituals

    Have you ever felt “out of sorts,” like you’re “living in your head,” “ungrounded” or tightly clenching to concepts, ideas […]


  • Aromatherapy For Transformation

    Aromatherapy For Transformation

    Change. There are times it comes with warning. Other times with a sudden breathless strike. Regardless, how do we cope with the aftermath? Symbols may help us articulate and see. Tools such as Aromatherapy may help us manage how we cope with change and associated stress. This article explores these themes and offers aromatherapy blending ideas and usage applications to help integrate change and possibly see the beauty in the fleeting.


  • No Poo Shampoo The Clay Way

    No Poo Shampoo The Clay Way

    Have you tried the “No Poo” method of hair washing but found it’s not quite working for you? Fear not! Options like clay and simple plant based preparations such as infusions and hydrosols may be what you have been looking for.


  • A Haiku: Laughing With Yarrow

    A Haiku: Laughing With Yarrow

    Yarrow, the plant of “thousands of leaves” may bring an element of healing and protection to your life. This post includes an aromatherapy blend for a mood mist.


  • Your Other | Wild Side

    In Search of Basil Have you ever stumbled upon a piece of genius that stopped you in your tracks and […]