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Being inspired by nature & creating simple self-care products is the foundation of NYC Aromatica’s blog. I believe that genuine aromatherapy is rooted in loving and caring for the earth.

Writing Inspired by Nature

  • An Aromatic Meditation: Attunement

    An Aromatic Meditation: Attunement

    Over the years I have looked for different ways to help people tap into the power of plants, specifically aromatic […]


  • The Perfect Aromatherapy Bath

    The Perfect Aromatherapy Bath

    To Soak or Not to Soak? That is the Question… As a teenager, one of my favorite Friday night activities […]


  • On-the-Go Hand Cleanser

    On-the-Go Hand Cleanser

    Although it is clear nothing beats washing our hands with basic soap* and hot water, we may often find ourselves […]


  • Using and Cleaning Glassware

    Glass is a valuable tool for anyone making, creating and concocting lotions and potions. It beats the pants out of […]


  • Demystifying Salve Making

    Demystifying Salve Making

    The impetus behind writing this post was my frustration in finding measurement guidelines (the mathematics) to make a balm or salve. Many recipes give specific measurements for a specific recipe and that’s it–no guidelines, no “WHY.” What if I need a small quantity (e.g., 1 ounce) or a large quantity of an odd number (e.g.,…


  • Getting to Know: Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

    Yarrow for Healing Yarrow, an herb in the Asteraceae family, has been used for wound healing/vulnerary purposes since ancient times. According […]