The Perfect Bath & Bath Bombs

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Are you interested in making your own bath bombs with essential oils but haven’t found a formula that meets your needs? Are you looking to explore the art and science of the seemingly simple but highly therapeutic bath? Look no further!

Explore the following during this 2-part video-based class:

  • Overall benefits of full body baths
  • Science behind baths and “detoxing” such as hydrostatic pressure, buoyancy and the importance of minerals
  • A “formula” for the Perfect Bath
  • Incorporating Herbs and Aromatics into the Bath
  • Essential oil safety (briefly: solubility, dermal irritation, etc.)
  • Basic science of “Bath Bombs”
  • How to make your own Bath Bombs!

This video-based class gives you access to 2 videos, reference notes and a step-by-step guide on making your own bath bombs, which I prefer calling bath fizzies. Sign up for full access! I’ll see you inside the class!