Nourishing the Skin with Herbal Infused Oils



Explore one of the places where non-aromatic herbs meet aromatic herbs: macerated (aka infused) herbal oils. Herbal infused oils are excellent medicine for the skin and when combined with essential oils add another layer of therapy to your medicine chest. This is an opportunity to practice a time-honored tradition: infusing herbs into oil is an ancient form of medicine-making.

Explore the following during this 60 minute video-based class:

  • Benefits of herbal infused oils
  • Common carrier oils & herbs to used in preparing oil macerations
  • Best practices of creating and straining infused oils
  • Topics such as solubility, surface area and more!

“Purchase”* the class to access the video, book recommendations and a step-by-step guide on making and straining your own herbal infused oils! (*Note: the check-out process must be completed to access the free class and associated materials.)