Luna Aroma Salon


Each month we are given a chance to reset and rest: the time of the New Moon.  Join me each New Moon day at 7pm Eastern via Livestream for a guided experience to connect with an essential oil the resonates with that particular month. (Recordings are available after the live session.)


New Moons are heralded as times to rest, recharge and set intentions. Luna Aroma (aka: New Moon Aroma Salon) celebrates this idea by contemplating moon-time, which is a reflection of what is happening in nature.

Each Salon is based on lunar theme of the current month which inspires a writing piece and guided meditation that is written for each Salon.  An essential oil is chosen that resonates with the lunar theme of the month and is introduced and incorporated into the experience.

It is important to me to offer this experience with the intention of helping you not only connect with a plant but also with yourself. The New Moon Salon is a personal journey of mine and you are invited to join me!

Each Session:

  • Is Free
  • Is broadcast from Livestream and accessed through a private page on
    • Access information is shared after you sign up.
    • Session recordings are available after each session
  • Lasts 10-15 minutes
  • Occurs each New Moon day at 7pm EST
  • Focuses on a guided experience and an essential oil that resonates with the seasonal moon
    • Although I suggest an oil to experience, feel free to select one you would like to sit with; it is not my intention for you to buy more essential oils.
    • Special content and materials (e.g., the essential oil) are shared before each session by email