New Moon @ Aroma Salon


Each month we are given a chance to reset and rest: the time of the New Moon.  Join me Live (via Zoom) each New Moon day for a guided experience to connect with an essential oil the resonates with that particular month.



Are you interested in connecting with plants and essential oils but are often overwhelmed by all of the different ways to do so? Are you looking for ritual and structure in your monthly routine that incorporates aromatic plants and their essential oils?

Join me at the Aroma Salon (live!) on New Moon Days to connect with an aromatic plant and its essential oil that aligns with the time of year.

What to expect: I am your guide through a few rounds of gentle stretching such as neck and shoulder rolls to center ourselves. I may read you some words about the new moon of the month and that time of year, sometimes even a poem. Then I lead you through a guided meditation with the essential oil. This is a simple, gentle and accessible way to connect with the information from the oil–all you have to do is be there. This is your time.

Each Aroma Salon:

  • Is Free
  • Is Live over Zoom!
    • Access (Zoom) information is shown in the course page after you sign up.
  • Lasts 20 minutes
  • Has 2 offerings: 3pm and 7pm EST on each New Moon day
  • Focuses on a guided experience and an essential oil
    • Although I suggest an oil to experience, feel free to select one you would like to sit with; it is not my intention for you to buy more essential oils.
    • Special content and materials (e.g., the essential oil) are listed in the “materials” section of the course so you can prepare!