Diffusing Essential Oils

Are you wondering how and why to diffuse essential oils? This FREE 60 minute video covers the pros and cons of diffusing essential oils. You’ll have access to a diffusion “at a glance” tip sheet and presentation with key information.

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Do you wonder how to diffuse essential oils? Do you diffuse essential oils but are unsure how long to diffuse them? Are you curious about the different ways to diffuse essential oils but aren’t sure which way best fits your needs? Have you heard “dos” and “don’ts” but want more information? Seek no further!

Essential oils are incredible mind-body connectors that may be incorporated into our lives to promote wellness. One of those ways is through active-diffusion. But wait! Essential oils are POTENT and CONCENTRATED substances! This 60 minute class reviews:

  • Setting intentions for diffusing
  • Olfaction & respiration in relation essential oils
  • Pros & Cons of diffusion
  • Different diffusion machines & ideas
  • Overall safety guidelines
  • Blending ideas and more!

You’ll have access to a 60 minute video, and PDFs of a “At-a-Glance” diffusion guide and presentation of the class for your reference.