Cream, Salve & Scrub Class Bundle

Have access to the “Perfect” Cream, Salve and Scrub how-to classes at a reduced price!

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Suggested price: $60.00

  • DIY Series: The Perfect Cream

    Learn how to make your own nourishing aromatherapy cream! This class not only covers the basic how: it gets into emulsification, preservative considerations, core carrier oils, safely diluting essential oils, formulation ideas and much more.

  • DIY Series: The Perfect Salve

    Learn how to make a "perfect salve" with beeswax or candelilla wax! This class takes you through the "how to" and the why, including incorporating essential oils into your formulation.

  • DIY Series: The Perfect Sugar Scrub

    Gain the confidence to make your own luxurious body and face scrubs with essential oils! This class gives you foundational knowledge to easily and affordably create your own exfoliating face and body products.


Have access to all 3 classes –Cream, Salves & Scrubs– for the suggested cost of $60! Each class takes you through the how and why of each product type focusing on chemistry, ingredients and safely incorporating essential oils into your formulations.

Note: The class offer is non-refundable.