Plant Talk

Sometimes we may forget about the actual plant and its needs when we work with herbal preparations such as a tinctures, teas and essential oils. This video series is one of many ways to bring the plants to you.

The “Plant Talk” video series focuses on aromatic plants and their essential oils, especially their preferred growing conditions and each plant’s unique personality. Sometimes ancient myths are referenced and poetry often finds its way into each episode.

All of these videos are done in one-filming and often impromtu.

Patchouli: Sensual Chill

Patchouli is an invitation to slow down. It is a nudge to embrace the last, sensual days of mid-Autumn. It helps us settle “into the hips” and revel in the goodness and ease of life. The plant’s effect is almost one that slows down time, creates pauses and removes unnecessary urgency.

Clary Sage: Sensual Euphoria

Spending time with Clary Sage encourages relaxation and dares to bring out the passion and “joie de vivre” in all of us. Join me musing over the plant, finding inspiration in one of Emily Dickinson’s poems and reveling in a few essential oils to blend with the euphoric plant. You’ll even see a mishap with the condenser!

Rosemary: For Lusty Remembrance

Trimming back rosemary plants presented an opportunity to put the cuttings into the still to obtain a bit of hydrosol! Join me for an impromptu “Plant Talk” episode taken the late afternoon of 14 July. This particular rosemary had a divine smokiness I was not expecting among the usual “lusty and liveliness” the plant is known for! [Note: the sound comes on at 0’30”]

Genovese Basil: Diabolical Nobility

A royal herb to some, a symbol of destruction for others. Basil’s floral, stimulating and feisty molecules have been seducing many for centuries! Spend some time with me during this spur-of-the-moment “Plant Talk” as some beautiful, organic Genovese basil (a variety of Sweet Basil) is in the cooper still.

Yarrow: The Wounded Healer

A plant known to heal and protect, Yarrow dates back to beyond Ancient Greece and across several cultures through time. Although it has an affinity to “work with blood” and heal wounds its personality has so much more to say. Although it is often considered a weed by some, as many medicinal herbs are, Yarrow is not only a fighter but a plant filled with joy and laughter.

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