Essential Aromatica: A Podcast Pondering the World of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is much more than “essential oils,” it is an experience. One that connects you with nature no matter where you are; one that inherently connects mind and body. Are you ready to tap into your chemical sense of smell and the chemistry of plants? Tune in and join Amy Anthony to question and explore the world of Aromatic plants and their preciously concentrated essential oils.

Finding Awe in Liminality and Root Medicine Essential Aromatica

Autumn is the time of falling leaves, cooler and shorter nights and the final time to harvest. We've planned and worked hard all year. Now the time is upon us to rest and contemplate the cyclicality of nature, including life itself. This episode looks at the intersection of liminal spaces, root medicine such as Vetiver and the death-life cycle. This is a magical time of year, but dancing with that magic takes gravity, like roots, which may support us while navigating "gaps" in life. Get your bottle of Vetiver and join me for a spell to stir up a sense of awe and appreciation for life itself.  Heady topics but the stuff life is made of nonetheless. Interested in more about transitions? Read this article on Hecate.
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