The Perfect Bath with Essential Oils

Baths are historically honored for supporting health and wellness. This class takes you through the science, therapeutics, and joy of adding essential oils to create your perfect bathing experience.  In this charismatic and engaging class, Amy invites you to build each part of the bath so it is personalized for YOU: including recipes and blending ideas, how to incorporate essential oils safely, and create soothing “fizzies” (aka “bath bombs”). Watch the easy-to-follow demonstration that will appeal to beginners and seasoned experts.  You will love how easy these ingredients are to find and how refreshing these healthful baths are.  With two videos and visuals, Amy makes The Perfect Bath perfectly simple to create.  Scroll down to learn more and sign-up. I’ll see you in the class!

Pay what you wish! $10.00 is suggested.

Minimum price: $5.00

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The perfect bath. Are you looking to explore the art and science of the simple but highly therapeutic bath? What about guidelines for adding essential oils into the bath? Are you interested in making your own bath bombs (also called “fizzies”) with essential oils but haven’t found a formula that meets your needs?  Look no further!

Explore the following during this 2-part video-based class:

  • Overall benefits of full body baths
  • Science behind baths and “detoxing,” such as hydrostatic pressure, buoyancy, and the importance of minerals
  • A formula for the Perfect Bath
  • Incorporating Herbs and Aromatics into the Bath
  • Essential oil safety (briefly: solubility, dermal irritation, etc.)
  • Basic science of “Bath Bombs/Fizzies”
  • How to make your own Bath Bombs/Fizzies!

This video-based class gives you access to 2 videos, reference notes, and a step-by-step guide on making your own bath bombs, which I prefer calling bath fizzies. Sign up for full access! I’ll see you in the class!