Introduction Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Are you interested in learning about the practice of Aromatherapy and working with essential oils? This introductory class takes you through key concepts and definitions from “essential oils” to “fixed oils” and why Aromatherapy is called what it is. Watch the below video trailer for more information and scroll down for more details. I’ll see you inside of the class!

Pay what you wish! $10.00 is suggested.


Are you interested in learning about Aromatherapy and Essential oils? This class introduces the basics of Aromatherapy such as the concentrated and precious nature of essential oils and fascinating topics like solubility. Therapeutically working with essential oils honors the holistic nature of this practice, which ranges from understanding individual oils to chemistry!

Aromatherapy is much more than concentrated oils in little bottles. Bringing focus onto what an essential oil is, especially in relation to the plants they are obtained from, help guide how we may understand and respectfully work with these seemingly ephemeral yet potent and molecules.

Look forward to covering the following (and other!) topics in this 50-minute video:

  • Defining “Aromatherapy” and the origin story of its name
  • Reviewing “Essential Oil” related to distillation, solubility boiling point
  • An exercise to connect with Essential Oils