How to Make Herbal Teas, Tisanes and Water Infusions

Herbal medicine is for everybody, and in this fascinating course, Amy brings you into the world of herbal teas, tisanes, and water infusions.  Through vivid and informative graphics and a beautifully shot video-based class, you will learn how different herbs affect your systems and organs, and how an Enjoyable Beverage can become a Medicinal Infusion.  Students will learn about western herbal energetics, why aromatic plants are powerful allies, and when to choose a cold vs warm vs longer infusions (decoctions).  Blending ideas and references to extend your learning are included.

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“There is so much hope in a little flower.” Medicinal tea from flowers? How lovely! Amy demonstrates how true this is in her class, “How to Make Herbal Teas, Tisanes & Water Infusions.” Learn how to make herbal teas easily! Herbal teas (or tisanes or infusions) are one special place where aromatherapy and herbalism intersect. Sometimes it is beneficial, safer, and more sustainable to make a tea, tisane, or infusion than work with essential oils internally.

Explore the following during this video-based class:

  • Key reasons for choosing water infusions over tinctures, essential oils, and other extraction methods
  • Benefits of herbal water infusions
  • Overview of herbal “energetics”
  • Overview of foundational, primary, and secondary herbal actions
  • Selecting the temperature of water vs. what herbal action you are looking to obtain (e.g., astringent or mucilage)
  • “Pleasure teas” vs. Medicinal teas
  • Overviews of cold infusions, hot infusions, and decoctions
  • Best practices for making your own water infusions
  • Demonstrations of herbal creations

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