How to Make Herbal Oils

Are you interested in making your own herbal oils to incorporate into topical aromatherapy and herbal preparations such as body oils, salves and creams? This step-by-step class shares the “how to and why” for creating your own fabulous herbal macerations.

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Learn how to easily make your own herbal oils! Herbal oils, also called herbal infused or macerated oils, are one of the places where aromatherapy meets herbalism; for example, you may choose to add essential oils to an herbal infused oil such as Calendula or Plantain to sooth inflamed skin conditions. Herbal infused oils are excellent medicine for the skin; when combined with essential oils add another layer of therapy to your medicine chest. Learning how to make these simple but powerful preparations is an opportunity to practice a time-honored tradition of medicine making.

Explore the following during this hour-long video-based class:

  • Benefits of herbal infused oils
  • Common carrier oils & herbs used to prepare oil macerations
  • Best practices of creating and straining infused oils
  • Topics such as solubility, surface area and more!

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