DIY Series: Aromatherapy Sugar Scrubs

Gain the confidence to make your own luxurious body and face scrubs with essential oils! This class gives you foundational knowledge to easily and affordably create your own exfoliating face and body products.

This video introduction gives you a sneak-peak! Scroll down to learn more about class content. See you inside of the class!

Pay what you wish! $10.00 is suggested.

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Although wellness may be approached in many ways it is indisputable our body needs to be well for our mind and spirt to be well, and visa versa. Well-care does not need to be expensive and complicated either! Taking care of our skin by applying nourishing nut & seed oils and gentle exfoliation with sugars, powders and more can be very accessible, affordable and luxurious.

This class helps you get on your way to making a “Perfect Scrub” with easy-to-find ingredients. Creating your own body and facial exfoliating scrub is fun, economical and easy to do, but it helps having guidelines to refer to. Maybe you like incorporating essential oils  into your scrubs but are unsure of how much oil is safe to use in a formula. This video-based class is here to help you but all of the elements together!

Look forward to reviewing the following during this 75 minute video-based class:

  • Defining “scrubs”
  • Benefits of scrubs, types of sugar & common fixed oils
  • Considerations for face versus body care
  • Incorporating different ingredients, including essential oils, clays and much more!
  • Formulating guidelines
  • Essential oil blending ideas
  • How to make a sugar scrub (demonstration)
  • Many tips and hints!

You will have access to a 75 minute video to watch at your own pace and come back to at any time. The class also includes a document filled with key points from the class along with a step-by-step guide on making your own sugar scrubs.

Note: The class is non-refundable.