DIY Series: Aromatherapy Spritzers

Do you want to make your own aromatherapy spritzers? You will in this class! In addition to how versatile spritzers are, you will learn the role intention plays in creating spritzers, the importance of dilution, how dilution affects outcomes, and what solubility contributes to the process. After completing this class, you will confidently create spritzers with various purposes, from bug spray to disinfectant, from toilet spray to gentle mood mists. The below video introduction gives you a sneak-peak. Find the step-by-step demonstration, recipe and blending ideas inside the class!

Pay what you wish! $10.00 is suggested.

Minimum price: $5.00

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In this Do-It-Yourself Aromatherapy Spritzer class, you will learn the particulars of simple yet versatile aromatherapy spritzers. Combining an hour-long video and slide visuals for support, Amy walks you through ‘how intention drives dilution,’ best ingredients and best practices, and a breakdown of common ingredients of spritzers such as Ethanol and Polysorbate 20.

Know the difference between turbidity, solubility, and hydrogen bonding?  Amy explains it all in simple-to-understand terms, referring to the supplied visuals for multi-faceted learning. Amy also shares her thoughts on preservatives and essential oil blending. Take away easy step-by-step instructions to create your own Aromatherapy Spritzer!

This class gets into the nitty-gritty of the seemingly simple but versatile aromatherapy application of essential oil spritzers. Look forward to reviewing the following during this 60-minute video-based class:

  • Defining aromatherapy spritzers (a.k.a. mists, atomizers, sprays)
  • How intention defines the application
  • Dilution rates and spritzer making best practices
  • Base ingredients with highlights on Ethanol and Polysorbate 20
  • Chemistry: solubility, turbidity and hydrogen bonding
  • Thoughts on preservatives
  • Essential oil blending ideas
  • Tips and hints!
  • Bonus Demonstration: making a Toilet Bowl Spray!

Once purchasing the class you have access to the video and supplemental presentation filled with key points from the class along with a step-by-step guide on making your aromatic spritzers. See you in class!