Detoxing the Brain: Mind States, Body Budget and Aromatherapy

Detox and Aromatherapy? How may we turn to essential oils to shift our mindsets and support our body budgets? This conversational class, in collaboration with Carolyn Jones , looks to dispel outmoded ideas about the brain and delves into working with aromatherapy and other complimentary-alternative modalities to support our beautifully messy lives.

Pay what you wish! $60.00 is suggested.

Minimum price: $40.00


You are not your emotions, and your emotions are not you.

This conversational, video-based class explores “detoxing the brain” through the lenses of mind-state, body budget and working with aromatherapy to support those very things. Essential oils are one of many plant-based ways to support mind-states and check in with our messy-lived-realities, realizing they affect our nervous system and directly affect our states of being and mind.

Join me and fellow aromatherapist Carolyn Jones, as we take you through the following (and more!) topics:

  • Detox, Disease and Manifestation
  • Supporting the whole being: soul-spirit-mind-body
  • Myth of the “triune” (traditional brain) concept
  • Body budget and affect
  • Aromatherapy and selected essential oils and herbs to promote wellness through sleep, rest, sexual health, digestion, motivation and mind-states
  • Solitude
  • Grounding

Purchase this advanced class for full access to the video and a PDF of the presentation covered during the class.

Note: The class is non-refundable.