Achieving Wellness Through Detox, Intention, and Aromatherapy


Join the roundtable detoxing discussion with Amy Anthony of NYC Aromatica and Carolyn Jones of the Healing Project as they talk about detoxing our brains, starting with our thoughts and intentions. How can aromatherapy support our beautifully messy lives?  Which plants and aromatherapy products assist with relaxation? Invigoration? Focus? Balance? We invite you to sit down, grab some tea, and enjoy this conversation coupled with vivid visuals and illuminating graphics. We will answer these questions, stretch your understanding of essential oils, and re-define wellness. Learn the mind-body-spirit benefits of brain detoxification with this engaging and enlightening class.

Below is a video introduction, scroll down to read more about the class content.


You are not your emotions, and your emotions are not you. That’s a bold statement, isn’t it?  

This video-based educational conversation features real talk around detoxing your mind, body, and soul–starting with the intentional decisions we all make every day. This explores the importance of the mind-body connection, body budget, and sleep hygiene on wellness.

Learn how to work with essential oils and apply aromatherapy concepts to support overall wellbeing. Essential oils are one of many plant-based ways to support mind-states and check in with our messy-lived-realities; they affect our nervous system and directly affect our states of being and mind.

Join me and fellow aromatherapist Carolyn Jones as we take you through the following topics:

  • Detox, disease VS dis-ease and manifestation.
  • Holism and supporting the whole person: soul-spirit-mind-body.
  • The myth of the “triune” (traditional brain) concept.
  • What is a “Body Budget?”
  • Aromatherapy, essential oils, and herbs promote wellness through sleep, rest, sexual health, digestion, motivation, and mind-states.
  • How does solitude, or lack of solitude, affect our mind-body-spirit connection?
  • What is grounding?
  • And many more!

Purchase this advanced class for full access to the video and a beautifully designed PDF of the presentation covered during the class.

Note: The class is non-refundable.