Connecting Energies: Chakras & Essential Oils


What is a chakra, how do our chakras affect us on a real-world level, and how do chakras connect to essential oils? This intensive class is a deep dive into chakra basics, discusses each chakra individually with a special guest, and demonstrates poses, movements and activities you can use immediately to link to your own chakras. A framework for blending essential oils, meditations, and chants is included, along with several activities to support each chakra. This class will engage your visual, aural, and kinesthetic learning styles. No previous knowledge is necessary, and the benefits are unparalleled.  Join the series and learn many ways to engage with your chakras and the world.



Aromatherapy and essential oils are a profound way to work with our mind-body-spirit to encourage subtle shifts and promote balance. This immersive and experiential class explores ways to work with the chakra concept: from essential oils and working with clay to music, poetry, and much more. This class gives us permission to break boundaries and accept the fact that there is not “one oil” or “one modality” to work with energy.

This video-based experiential workshop presents a framework for choosing essential oils for working with the chakras and includes activities for working with each chakra. Underlying the entire workshop experience is how essential oils are inherent mind-body-spirit connectors and how sensorial-experiential experiences are highly supportive of connecting with ourselves, the Earth, and fundamental energy.

Look forward to accessing the following secrets!

  • An online video-based course: 6.5 enlightening hours of content divided into chapters to help navigate through the class.
  • An in-depth PowerPoint with graphics organizers, artwork, and other supportive materials containing the course outline.
  • A workbook and materials list (including suggested essential oil blends), a beautifully illustrated “at-a-glance” matrix for working with chakra energy, and a suggested activity for each chakra.

After you complete the class, you will walk away with more tools at your fingertips to navigate this crazy-beautiful world. Access the class and its associated materials at any time!

Note: Content may be added to enhance the course, but never taken away. This class is non-refundable.