Custom Products

It is vital that you enjoy using your custom product, otherwise you really aren’t likely to use it as instructed. And what good is that?

One of my amazing teachers, Jade Shutes, stressed that the delivery method (including ingredients!) of the essential oils is just as important at the oils themselves. I truly believe this. Following are only a few examples of what could be made for you:

All products are made by me after your session. Shown: hand made cream, inhaler stick, aromatic mood mist, perfume and bath salts. Photo credit: @liam_dom.
Aromatic cream.
Bespoke perfume (left) and a roller ball applicator in an oil base (right).


Aromatic Bath Salt Soak.

These are just a few of the options. I’ve made aloe-based products (e.g., a deodorant, aloe hand softener), whipped body butters as well as suppositories, pessaries and electuaries. The goal is to fit you with what is best for you.

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