Creating Unique Experiences and Custom Aromatherapy Products to Support Transformations, Mood States, Mind States and Wellness Goals.

Amy offers an array of services to meet your aromatherapy needs:

For an individual seeker: in-person one-on-one bespoke aromatherapy experiences, one-on-one customized in-person aromatherapy education and tailored one-on-one virtual educational sessions.

For corporate clients: in-person immersive experiences ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours including “Aroma Bars”.

Learn about aromatherapy and essential oils

A Luxury Aromatherapy Experience

Learn about aromatherapy and essential oils

What to Expect During Your Aromatherapy Session:

Each session focuses on you. We discuss your goals and concerns to help me select which essential oils will be chosen for your custom blend.

You are engaged through the session to help decide which hand-made product your special essential oil blend will be incorporated into. A few product examples include: an inhaler (aroma stick), spritzer, roller ball applicator, cream, aloe-base product.

A Focus on Olfactive Aromatherapy:

Essential oils are versatile and may be turned to for supporting many concerns. My focus is on olfactory aromatherapy’s benefits on our mind-body, specifically working to assist you with mental and emotional states through the diffusive power of essential oils.

This boils down to selecting essential oils for you that may: ease and work with symptoms of anxiety, depression or hyperactivity; promote sleep or alertness and enhance overall wellness and immunity. Contact me for a complementary call to discuss.

Luxury Aromatic Experience Details

Enjoy a Custom Herbal Tea

Look forward to enjoying a selection of filtered water, spring water and a fresh herbal tea such as ginger and cardamom, rose and saffron or milky oats and lemon balm that is made specifically for you based on our correspondence.

In-depth Discussion

We take time to discuss your concerns and overall wellbeing. This helps me select essential oils from my overall palate to present to you and refine into your bespoke blend. We also discuss what hand-made product your blend will be added to that best suit your needs.

An Immersive Experience

The end of your session culminates into a 10-minute candle-lit aromatic experience where select essential oils from your custom blend are diffused as you enjoy a luxurious foot soak in a copper tub.

A Customized Aromatic Plan

Your custom aromatherapy product is hand delivered or mailed to you a few days after the consultation. It also includes explicit instructions and suggestions on how to work with your bespoke aromatherapy product.

Session Policies:

Learn about aromatherapy and essential oils
Rose and Calendula Foot Soak

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Custom Aromatherapy Education

Are you curious about aromatherapy and essential oils but not sure where to start learning? Are you looking for an educational experience tailored to your needs? Is one-on-one attention your style rather than bustling classrooms or watching videos? I also prefer in-depth, one-on-one learning and am here to help you explore the art and practice of aromatherapy, tailored to your needs.

Are you looking to understand more about the distillation process, extraction methods and diluting essential oils? What about understanding aromatic chemistry or the art of blending essential oils? How about understanding the “personality” of common essential oils to help you select which oils to turn to? There is much to share with you as a private educator and teacher and content creator who learned from great teachers and taught Level 1 & 2 aromatherapy certification at the former NY Institute of Aromatherapy and NY Institute of Aromatic Studies.

In-person and virtual sessions are available. Contact me to book a 30-minute in-person discovery meeting in NYC over tea or a virtual 30-minute discovery call.

Copper Alembic Still

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