I believe aromatherapy is an incredibly dynamic phyto-essence based practice steeped in the world of plants and herbalism. It is a practice well-suited for an individual: your tastes and needs.

True, lavender may enhance sleep, but what if you dislike lavender? Maybe you are aware of the benefits of diffusing essential oils but do not like doing so and would prefer a bespoke aromatic cream…

This is where NYC Aromatica can help you!

As a National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) certified aromatherapist (Levels 1 and II), certified aromatherapy teacher, artisan distiller and home herbalist my goal is to focus on your needs through a tailored, holistic and un-apologetically aromatic approach.

Essential Oils
Essential oils are carefully selected during your consultation. Photo credit: @liam_dom

Imagine having…

  • A virtual or in-person one-on-one session that focuses on you and your involvement in selecting…
  • A blend of essential oils to address your needs and goals which will be…
  • Incorporated into a custom-made product you will be excited to use!

Further imagine: A spa-like experience where your custom blend is diffused as you enjoy a foot soak in a beautiful copper bowl as you sip on an herbal tea made just for you…

Rose and calendula petals float in a copper foot tub. Photo credit: @liam_dom.

Are you interested in learning more? Contact me for more details and schedule an in-person consultation in NYC’s Union Square area or a Virtual Session!

Imagine a nebulizing diffuser infusing the room with the oils selected for you as you sit in candle-lit comfort.